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Takeover nearly turns tragic in Buena Park as spectator struck by car doing donuts

The adverse outcomes of street takeovers have been well documented, and one of the most recent dangerous situations took place Thursday night in Buena Park.

At about 11:30 p.m. in the intersection of Valley View Street and Artesia Boulevard, a spectator found himself in the path of a silver sedan doing donuts. As he tried to get out of the way, he slipped, and the back of the car sends him sliding across the blacktop, video shows.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” said Downey resident Kyle Minor.

The collision left the man visibly stunned, though he was gone by the time the Buena Park Police Department arrived on scene to break up the takeover.

“It’s getting a little crazy. It’s a lot of free time, a lot of open space, that’s when it’s been happening,” Minor said.

The foolish fun continued after the dangerous moment in Buena Park. At another takeover in Anaheim, attendees lit a fire at the intersection of Sunkist Street and East Cerritos Avenue.

Instead of keeping their distance, drivers did donuts around the flames as passengers hung out the window and a crowd of about a dozen people recorded the stunt from the middle of the action.

“People are recording these things now, getting too close. These guys aren’t professional drivers. They’re going to get hit, and if you get hit, you’re going to be in the hospital,” Minor said.

At the UCI Medical Center in Irvine, emergency room nurse Sarah Landrum said those hurt in sideshows can require serious medical assistance.

“A lot of times, they end up in surgery or the ICU in critical condition,” she said.

Others aren’t so lucky, like the teen who was shot to death in a Willowbrook takeover.

Authorities have been seizing vehicles used in takeovers, but the trend continues, likely because those involved aren’t learning their lesson, Landrum said.

“A lot of times, they keep doing it because they think it’s cool and exciting,” she said. “Their friends show up in the lobby of the ER coming to check on them, but it just doesn’t seem that they are learning their consequence, like, ‘Hey look, your friend got hurt. It could have been you.’”

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