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Thieves caught on video stealing safe from home in Rolling Hills Estates

Dramatic surveillance footage captured burglars stealing a safe from a home in Rolling Hills Estates last weekend.  

Two thieves used the backyard sliding door to gain entrance while the homeowner was away.  

After ransacking the house, the pair can be seen carrying a large safe out. The safe, according to Caitlynn Martin, the homeowner’s daughter, weighs approximately 500 pounds.  

The burglars also made off with a gold coin collection and jewelry, among other irreplaceable items.  

The family believes that the car seen in the video is a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, and that three people played a part in the burglary. At least two of the thieves were wearing masks and gloves. They believe the third person may have been the driver of the car.  

According to the homeowner’s daughter, the family is shaken up by the incident.  

Martin told KTLA that the home has been in her family for 40 years and that she grew up there. She added that she couldn’t have imagined something like this happening.  

“It makes you feel very unnerved,” Martin said.  

According to police, there has been a recent rash of burglaries, primarily in the Valmonte area. Many of the incidents have taken place in the early to late evening, with thieves entering the homes through back doors and windows.  

Police also said that in most of the burglaries, victims either did not have an alarm system or the alarm was not on.

Martin said her mother believed her house was secure before the break-in.

“She thought she did all the right things. She had cameras. She had all the doors locked. She had some pretty high-tech locks on all the doors, and [you] think that you really had done everything right and it wasn’t,” she said.

Martin was hoping that someone might recognize the perpetrators, or the car seen in the surveillance video and report it to police.  

The Palos Verdes Estates Police Department said that it was stepping up patrols in the area because of the break-in and theft.  

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