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Two-thirds of Americans say Hunter Biden laptop ‘important’ story: poll

Most Americans not only believe the revelations about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop are “important”, they also think President Biden had knowledge of — and may have made money from — his son’s foreign business deals, a new poll shows.

Of 1,000 US voters polled by Rasmussen Reports, 66% believe the laptop story is important and 48% percent say it is “very important,” according to the survey published Thursday.

Only 15% of those polled say the contents of Hunter’s laptop are “not at all important.”

The laptop — the existence of which was exclusively reported by The Post in October 2020 — contained a trove of emails, text messages, photos and financial documents exchanged between Hunter, his family and business associates.

The cache of files detailed how the president’s son used his family name and the attendant political connections as leverage in overseas business dealings.

Only 15% of those polled say the contents of Hunter’s laptop are “not at all important.”

The poll found 65% of voters believe it is “likely” President Biden was consulted about — and potentially even profited from — his son’s foreign deals. By contrast, 28% say it’s unlikely Biden was involved in Hunter’s business dealings at all.

The Post’s first report on the laptop was published just three weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

Mainstream US media outlets and Big Tech spent months downplaying the validity of the report and Biden’s presidential campaign dismissed it, at the time, as Russian misinformation.

Hunter Biden Joe Biden
The existence of the laptop was exclusively reported on by The Post in October 2020.

The laptop’s veracity was corroborated last week in a New York Times report — triggering outrage from Republicans who accused Big Tech, Democrats and the liberal media of colluding to censor the news so that Biden could defeat then-President Donald Trump.

Most shockingly, the Rasmussen survey revealed that almost half of Americans (48%) believe Trump would have won a second term if the media had fully reported on the laptop’s revelations rather than ignoring and attempting to suppress them.

However, 45% of respondents don’t think the story would have changed the election outcome.

The poll was conducted March 21 and 22 and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.

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