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UK man caught by police after hiding inside a giant teddy bear

He was able to run but could barely hide.

A man who was wanted for car theft and failing to pay at a gas station was sent to jail Friday after police found him hiding inside a teddy bear in Manchester, England, according to Greater Manchester Police.

Joshua Dodson, 18, stuffed himself inside the giant 5-foot teddy bear at his girlfriend’s house when he tried to escape from police, according to the Sun.

“When we went to arrest him, our officers noticed a large bear breathing in the address before finding Dobson hidden inside!” Greater Manchester Police tweeted.

Dodson’s botched plan unfolded in May, when police were on the hunt for him after he stole a Mitsubishi SUV worth $10,364.

Dodson was caught when police raided his girlfriend’s home and spotted the teddy bear in a corner of the house “breathing.”

That’s when police yanked the man from the teddy bear inside the home.

Dodson admitted to stealing the Mitsubishi SUV in May — as he also admitted to stealing a Vauxhall Astra van in March, a toolbox, two tablets.

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