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UK white supremacist could be extradited to US for inspiring Buffalo shooter Peyton Gendron: court

A UK white supremacist could be extradited to the US for posting a series of vile videos that “encouraged and in part motivated” Buffalo mass shooter Peyton Gendron, a court was told.

Daniel Harris, 19, was found guilty Tuesday of encouraging terrorism with the videos that called for an armed insurrection and glorified racist mass murderers, Derbyshire police said.

Prosecutor Joe Allman told the court that the videos “encouraged and in part motivated” fellow teen Gendron, then 18, who killed 10 black Tops shoppers in May, The Times of London said.

Gendron — who pleaded guilty to the mass shooting on Monday — included an image from one of Harris’ videos in his own twisted 180-page manifesto, Manchester Crown Court was told.

In that video, Harris called on followers to take up arms against delusional fears there was a “planned genocide” against whites.

Two months before his mass shooting, Glendon also left a comment under another of Harris’ videos, the UK Times said.

“You are not alone my friend :)” he wrote under the name Jimboboii, the same one previous reports said was used in his live stream of the supermarket slaughter.

Britis white supremacist Daniel Harris, 19, was said to have “encouraged and in part motivated” Buffalo mass shooter Peyton Gendron, seen here.

Hours after Glendon’s despicable attack, Harris celebrated it in another one of his videos. He was busted later that month by British counter-terrorism cops.

Harris denied being in contact with Glendon before the shooting, and Allman, the prosecutor, conceded that it was not clear the UK teen was “necessarily aware” his videos had motivated the mass shooter.

Judge Patrick Field said it was a “matter of considerable concern in any event.”

Harris faces up to 12 years in prison when he is sentenced in January — and was warned he could be sought for extradition to the US in relation to the Buffalo shootings, the UK paper stated in the court report.

The 10 killed in Buffalo supermarket attack.
The vile UK teen also celebrated the attack that killed 10 black people in Buffalo, his UK trial heard.

However, it was not clear if any such moves have been made.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office covering Buffalo told The Post Thursday that “our office has no evidence that this individual committed a violation of the New York State penal law in Erie County.”

“Therefore, we have not submitted any request to have this individual extradited to the United States,” a spokesperson said.

Federal prosecutors — who have hit Glendon with 27 hate and weapons charges — did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Justice Department has yet to say if it will seek the death penalty for Glendon, who has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges.

Payton Gendron in court in May.
Gendron has admitted being the Buffalo shooter.

Harris was found guilty of five charges of encouraging terrorism but was acquitted of one charge.

He was also found guilty of one count of possession of material for terrorist purposes over what Detective Inspector Chris Brett called “the rather chilling discovery” of him trying to make a gun on a 3D printer.

Police “initially attempted to engage with Harris through the Prevent” program that tries to steer troubled individuals away from terrorism.

“But “it soon became clear he was pretending to be deradicalized whilst encouraging terrorism online,” police chief Brett said.

“The threat he caused meant we had to act in order to ensure the safety of the wider public.

“By posting these videos online, Harris’ toxic rhetoric could have had untold influence on countless people across the world.”

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