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Universal Studios Hollywood planning new roller coaster; What we know

Universal Studios Hollywood is preparing to break ground on a massive new outdoor roller coaster, multiple theme park blogs are reporting.

Alicia Stella, a theme park blogger, shared a screenshot of a geotechnical study recently submitted by Universal Studios which indicates the ride will have a track that begins at the upper lot, goes over the Starway Escalator descending toward the lower lot, and then back up again.

Courtesy: Alicia Stella

The permit was widely circulated on Twitter in early October, indicating to many theme park fans that Universal Studios would begin construction on the attraction soon.

“When I saw the permit, I got excited because this was something that was only rumored but then to see the permit, it shows that they are testing to see whether this is possible,” Stella said.

Bloggers believe the new ride will be themed after the “Fast and Furious” franchise after mysterious concept art was posted online.

If accurate, the “Fast and Furious” coaster would include cars that “drift” on the coaster track to replicate the movement of cars in the films.

KTLA reached out to Universal Studios Hollywood for a comment on the proposed coaster. The park responded by saying, “We don’t comment on speculation.”

On Wednesday, however, the park announced that the Animal Actors show, the Special Effects show, and the Production Central Store will close on Jan. 8, 2023 “to make way for a future attraction.”

Stella also believes that other additions, like The Bourne Stuntacular, a stunt show at Universal Studios Orlando, could debut at the Hollywood theme park in the coming years.

She said theme park fans noticed that Action Horizon, the stunt company that supplies actors for other Universal Studios show like Water World and Triwizard Spirit Rally, posted photos of two sets for the stunt show being built.

No matter what Universal Studios may have in store for their fans, people hope the new roller coaster will go from a rumor to reality.

“I hope this roller coaster happens. It would create a lot of excitement for Hollywood,” Stella said.

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