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Video: Burglar smashes door to break into downtown L.A. burger bar

A burglar smashed through the front glass door of a burger restaurant in downtown Los Angeles early this week and it was all caught on camera.

The incident occurred overnight Monday along the 200 block of 6th Street at D-town Burger Bar.

The burglar got off a bike after waiting for potential witnesses to pass the entrance and smashed through the door, apparently using a small manhole cover, the video shows.

He then walked in and grabbed the cash register containing around $1,500 before taking off.

Owner Pedro Mojarro said he and another employee have stayed overnight to keep an eye on the business while the door is replaced. That might not be until late next week, and it’s likely to cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Mojarro said it’s not the first time his restaurant has been burglarized, and he’s heard of other businesses in the area being robbed, too.

He said Los Angeles police officers told him the suspect had broken into seven businesses in the last week and two that day using the same object.

During Monday’s incident, the suspect was wearing a red hoodie and dark pants.

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