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Video: Car smashes into 7-Eleven in Santa Clarita

Security cameras capture the moment a vehicle violently slams into a 7-Eleven store in Santa Clarita on Wednesday.

The car is seen smashing through the glass-windowed entrance and destroying a display aisle filled with snacks and drinks.

An exterior camera shows the moments right before the destructive collision.

A black sedan is seen pulling up to a parking spot in front of the store. Instead of stopping, the driver steps on the gas and plows straight ahead into the convenience store.

Several customers and a cashier were inside the shop when the car violently smashes through, causing a deafening roar while nearly missing a man walking nearby.

Video captured by Key News TV shows extensive damage to the store while the floor was littered with spilled liquor, drinks and food

Emergency crews responded to the scene. Details remain limited, but no injuries were reported.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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