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Video shows Uber driver being shot dead in attempted carjacking in California

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment an Uber driver was shot dead during an attempted carjacking in California.

Video released Tuesday by Oakland police shows two men in hoodies marching through the street to Kon Fung’s car when he was about to start his shift at 11 a.m. Sunday.

“Hey!” one of the pair orders after flinging open the driver-side door, immediately pointing a handgun at Fung and demanding he “get out.”

Just seconds later, a single gunshot blasts out — killing Fung, who moved from Hong Kong eight years ago with a “humble American dream,” according to an online fundraiser.

His life was taken “in less than five seconds,” Fung’s girlfriend of five years, Judy, told KGO News through an interpreter.

The two hooded attackers marched up to Fung’s car as he started his shift Sunday.
The Oakland Police Department

“I’m so scared,” Judy said in Mandarin. “I don’t dare go outside. I just think of him dying.”

She said Fung — who also used the first name Robert — was only in his car Sunday because he is such “a hard worker.”

Oakland police video shows two men wanted for shooting dead Uber driver Kon Fung on Sunday.
One of the wanted men immediately pointed a handgun at Fung, who was told to “get out” during the attempted carjacking.
The Oakland Police Department

“It’s because of his job, his hard-working trade, that he got killed,” she said.

“Why us? We are hard-working. We go to work, we pay our bills, but why are we being targeted over and over again? This has to stop,” Judy told the local ABC station of a spate of crimes against the Asian community.

A fundraiser that by Wednesday had collected more than $26,500 for Fung’s family said he was the “sole breadwinner.”

“He worked two jobs as a warehouse delivery man and drove Uber to support his parents, often working grueling 16-18 hours a day,” it said.

“He was saving up money to not only take care of his parents but to get married and start a family with his girlfriend,” it said, calling him a “calm, gentle, and kind person and an incredibly loving son.”

Oakland police video shows two men wanted for shooting dead Uber driver Kon Fung on Sunday.
A $12,500 reward has been offered for help finding the duo who immediately fled after Fung was shot dead in his car.
The Oakland Police Department

The footage of his shooting was released along with a $12,500 reward, with cops asking the public to “listen closely to the voices and watch the mannerisms” of the two men who scrambled away as soon as the deadly shot was fired.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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