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Violent Crash in Compton Kills Two Women, Possibly Near Street Takeover

Two women are dead after a crash in Compton late Sunday night, with the scene still active hours later on Monday morning.

Though initial information from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated the accident happened during a street takeover, later reports were less certain.

The sheriff’s department did confirm that both women who died were in the same red Honda, which came to rest heading south in the northbound lanes of Wilmington Avenue.

The driver of the SUV that collided with the Honda shared his experience during the accident.

“My light’s green, I’m going at least 45, 50 [miles per hour], and I guess when I get to the light, the car comes out — I guess he didn’t see me or whatever, my light was green,” said Treyshawn Cooley, driver of the SUV. “I’m coming straight, and they come out, and I hit them.”

The driver was heading southbound on Wilmington Ave., while the women who were killed were heading eastbound on Stopwell Street.

The crash occurred around 11:42 p.m. Sunday night.

A traffic investigator spoke with NBC4 on camera, and when asked whether he believed the women were taking part in the nearby street takeover the LASD mentioned previously, he would not or could not confirm that information.

The traffic investigator also would not or could not confirm that a street takeover even happened.

A frustrated nearby resident spoke with NBC4 off-camera, and said that street takeovers happen just about every weekend, causing problems for a number of communities.

Another street takeover happened near Century Boulevard and Hoover Street, within the jurisdiction of the LAPD. They said several street takeovers took place between late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

The LAPD street takeover task force moved in, blocking cars taking part in the sideshow, detaining drivers and towing other cars.

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