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When the ad said, ‘Caskets and more,’ I thought about learning to live with less

“Caskets and more,” read the ad.

“More what?” I wondered. What is there after caskets? And let’s not forget the 50% off. Such dignity, being laid to rest in a discounted casket. And if you can discount a casket, why not just sell it for less in the first place? Burying a loved one would be hard enough without having to sort through the caskets like an overcrowded sale rack in a department store.

What would be wrong with just plain caskets? Why do we need more?

The two words “and more” seem to be a tagline for almost every ad I see lately. Sale on shoes, handbags and more. See the new musical. Mouthwatering all-you-can-eat buffet and more. Maybe a little something for digestive distress.

Telephones are another example. You can no longer buy a phone or a service…you select from an option menu. You can have a cordless with two extensions and more. Or, my personal favorite, “unlimited calling” and more.

And then there’s the promo describing a new TV show, “Murder and more.” Does this mean they bring you back from the dead? If there’s more after murder, I’d rather not know.

Did we all lose confidence in ourselves somewhere along the way and decide who we were was not enough?

A friend showed me her online dating site profile. She stated she was interested in music art, theater…and guess what? “More.” When I inquired about the more, she said you had to put that in to show you had a wide array of interests, something for everyone so to speak.

What would happen if we all cultivated a taste for less?

Less worry. Less stress. Less work.

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