South West police “fed up” with hoon behaviour

South West police are seeking community help in reporting hoon activity, saying people are “fed up” with the behaviour.

Police say by getting more reports from the community they can seize or confiscate offending vehicles and prosecute the drivers engaged in this antisocial behaviour.

Sen. Const. Ian Harris from South West Traffic said the behaviour was putting lives at risk.

“Hoons driving recklessly and doing burnouts in our neighbourhoods are risking lives,” he said.

“The community is fed up with hearing them and seeing the damage caused to the roads.”

Under WA’s traffic laws, drivers caught street racing, doing burnouts or driving more than 45km/h above the speed limit are charged with reckless driving.

Their vehicles are seized for a minimum of 28 days — regardless of who was driving — and repeat offenders will have their cars impounded for longer or crushed at a wrecking yard.

Owners of the impounded vehicles are responsible for all costs, including towing and storage.

Camera IconA confiscated hoon vehicle is crushed at a wrecking yard. Credit: Simon Santi/The West Australian

Sen. Const. Harris said highly effective reports had come from witnesses with photos, mobile phone footage, home security cameras, dash-cam footage and social media posts.

“When we get a report about hoon behaviour and can identify the vehicle involved, we will seize the vehicle, regardless of who was driving it,” he said.

“When offending vehicles are located on private property, the owners have seven days to hand the vehicle in.

“If people fail to hand vehicles in, or try to exchange or remove parts, they are further charged.

“It is also an offence for the owner to not identify the driver responsible for the hooning.”

Sen. Const. Harris urged the community to keep up the good work by reporting reckless drivers to police.

“People can call, email or complete the online report,” he said.

Reports can be made to 131 444, by emailing [email protected], or through the online form at

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