King of Spain interested in Balearic recovery

The president of the Balearics, Francina Armengol, today thanked the King of Spain and his family for being “once again” on holiday in Mallorca and highlighted Felipe VI’s “concern” for the social and political situation of the region and the recovery of the economy.

After a meeting with the king at the Almudaina Palace, Armengol told journalists that they had discussed, among other issues, the reality of the Balearics, the economic recovery, the rise in prices and also the impact of the war in Ukraine.

The Balearics, after the crisis caused by the covid-19, is at “excellent” levels of employment, with unemployment at its lowest level since 2008, for which the king “congratulated” society and social agents of the islands, the president explained.

Armengol pointed out that the Balearics’ economic recovery is linked to the good data from the tourism sector, and said that she had explained to the monarch the content of the islands’ Tourism Law, which “focuses on environmental and social sustainability”.

“The future of the Balearics must be one of sustainability”, said Armengol.

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