Leopard Enters Washroom Of Mumbai School, Rescued By Forest Department

The leopard was rescued after a three-hour-long operation.

A leopard which strayed into a school in Mumbai’s Goregaon was rescued successfully by the forest department. The incident took place on Tuesday and its photos have now surfaced online.

News agency ANI too posted the photo of the leopard inside the school. It spoke to forest department official Girija Desai, who said that the animal got confined in the washroom.

“There is a forest-like vegetation nearby. The leopard entered the school campus last night & got confined in a washroom. We’ve rescued the leopard,” Ms Desai told ANI.

Wildlife Welfare Association (WWA), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) working in Thane and Mumbai, shared a clip of the incident on its Facebook page, which showed the tranquilised leopard being moved from school’s washroom to the forest department vehicle.

It further said that the rescue operation took around three hours.

“In wee hours of wednesday, team of Mumbai Forest Department, SGNP rescue team and wildlife welfare association succesfully rescued Adult male leopard from BMC school in bimbisar nagar, Goregaon East,” WWA said in the Facebook post.

The agency informed that the watchman of the school saw the big cat jumping over the gate and informed the forest department.

“As this place was 100-200 m from western express highway and being residential area department decided to tranquilize and rescue the feline for its safety,” the post said.

Last week, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda posted a clip showing the rescue of a leopard to draw attention to the issue of open wells around animal habitats.

The short clip showed the lifting of the leopard from inside the well and leaving the place after it is pulled out. In the caption, Mr Nanda noted that such incidents will reduce if wells around animal habitats are closed. He also took a dig at the old technique of rescuing the leopard and called it the “Mohenjo Daro Harappan technology”.

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