I had tiny boobs – here’s my secret for making them bigger without surgery

A WOMAN with tiny boobs has revealed how you can make yours bigger without going under the knife.

Casey Johnson claims she added inches to her chest by gorging on “good fats“.


Casey Johnson claims she grew her boobs by eating more ‘good fats’Credit: TikTok/ Casey Johnson
The fitness guru gained weight during a trip in Mexico


The fitness guru gained weight during a trip in MexicoCredit: TikTok/ Casey Johnson
Casey shared her recipe for bigger boobs in a video on TikTok


Casey shared her recipe for bigger boobs in a video on TikTokCredit: TikTok/ Casey Johnson

The health freak revealed how she started to eat more “intuitively” in March last year and grew her boobs without putting on more than 5lbs.

“Before you say I actually gained weight – I only gained like 5lbs and that definitely wouldn’t have affected my boobs the way that it did,” she said in a TikTok video.

Casey shared a before and after shot of her in a bikini with a visible different around her chest area.

“In March 2021, you can see I don’t really have a lot to work with here. At this point I had been checking my calories for about three years.

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“I had stuck to really strict macros and part of those macros was not allowing myself to eat enough fat so, I’d have about 60grams of fat a day – which is nothing.”

Casey started “intuitively eating” and stopped being afraid of adding olive oil, avocado, nuts and any kind of fats into her food that she claimed “helped my digestion system and my hormones.”

She added: “Then I went to Mexico and I was definitely gaining growth back after all of my intuitive eating.

“But in Mexico, I got Covid and that made me really re-evaluate my health. I started taking vitamins and I think that made a huge difference.”

Casey said there were “so many other factors” to her boob-gain that she’d have to release a second video.

There is no science backing up Casey’s claim that fat “targeted” certain parts of her body.

But, it’s known that eating “good fats” like avocados and having a healthy general diet with enough calories can give people healthier, more natural curves all over.

Casey’s TikTok followers had other ideas about her video.

“Girl, it’s weight and you worked out. You’re skinny and 5 lbs makes a huge difference. I’m that way,” one person commented.

“Vitamins are only useful if you have a vitamin deficiency,” said another while a third just added: “hmmm”.

Others were a bit more open to Casey’s advice.

“Pls lmk what you researched to determine what a healthy amount of fat is cus i’m fully eating 60 currently LOLL,” one user posted.

“There are chest exercises you can do to build the muscle in that area so they are more pronounced too,” another pointed out.

Meanwhile, an influencer admitted she likes wearing risqué clothing at the gym, despite the looks she gets.

The self-described “gym bunny” shares videos on TikTok of herself that usually show her at the gym or showing off her body in skimpy athletic attire.

She’s known as @Southerngymbunny on the app where she has more than 26,000 followers.

Though many people liked for her gym progress and gym outfits, others said it was too distracting.

“Going to break some necks at the gym,” someone commented on one of her TikTok videos.

Another person said: “I could not even get a rep [of my workout] in [with] you around,” on a video of her doing a workout with a weight in a tiny pink sports bra that can barely contain her large breasts.

Casey blamed 'counting calories' for years of having no boob growth


Casey blamed ‘counting calories’ for years of having no boob growthCredit: TikTok/ Casey Johnson
Eating a healthier, more diverse diet is known to give people natural curves all over


Eating a healthier, more diverse diet is known to give people natural curves all overCredit: TikTok/ Casey Johnson

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