I’m a fashion vlogger- my hack to organize jeans in minutes using household item

THIS one item will help you organize your jeans in under 10 minutes, a fashion vlogger has revealed.

Jeans can take up a lot of space in your wardrobe which can lead to a big mess where it’s impossible to find anything.


A TikToker shared a hack that will organize your jeans in under 10 minutesCredit: TikTok/@kylie_nelson1

However, Kylie Nelson on TikTok has a hack that can keep your closet clean and your jeans accessible.

All you need to do is get a pack of shower rings.

Kylie picked hers up from Target, but you can get them at any store with a home department.

Once you find some shower rings, take one and feed it through the two belt loops on either side of your jeans.

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You can then clip the shower hook with the jeans onto your closet rod.

Repeat this process with all your jeans and then you have a perfectly organized closet.

At the end of the video, Kylie showed off her jeans, which she put in an ombré order.

She said that “this just might be [her] favorite hack,” in the caption of the video.

One commenter loved the idea but didn’t know if she could commit to it.

“This is genius except I’d do it for like 2 days and then they’d be all over the floor again,” she said.

Another person said: “This makes things ten times easier.”

A third viewer warned against this hack saying that it will stretch out your jeans.

“No cause I did this for a month and now all my jeans are stretched out on the belt loops.

“Don’t do this,” they said.

However an Old Navy worker said: “We use S Hooks at Old Navy to display our denim and they don’t rip or cause damage!

“I would recommend metal hooks over plastic though.”

'This makes things ten times easier,' said one person


‘This makes things ten times easier,’ said one personCredit: TikTok/@kylie_nelson1

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