Russia-Ukraine crisis: Kremlin calls ‘extraordinary’ security council meeting

A Ukrainian separatist official has appealed to Russia for military and financial aid, reports our Moscow correspondent Nataliya Vasilyeva.

Eduard Basurin, an official in Ukraine’s self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, said in a broadcast on Russia’s Solovyov Live show that Donetsk needs “first of all moral (help), financial I would also not refuse, military is also necessary, in all aspects.”

Other officials in Donetsk have not yet commented.

Russia has propped up the separatists with funds and troops since the fighting there broke out in 2014 but the Russian troops have only been involved in clandestine operations, and Moscow has insisted that it was not party to the conflict.

Mr Basurin also said that citizens had been left without drinking water, which he called an act of “genocide” by Kyiv, according to RIA News. 

Reports from the Donetsk’s People’s Republic have said that the water filtration station in Donetsk had been put out of action due to shelling. 

Calls for assistance from the Donetsk People’s Republic come amidst a series of false flag attacks by Russia. Footage of recent so-called Ukrainian attacks on the region have been debunked through examination of the videos’ metadata.

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