Russia-Ukraine war latest: World faces risk of nuclear ‘Armageddon’ as Putin not bluffing, Biden warns

As Britain faces rolling blackouts this winter due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Netherlands’s gas network operator said its import connections with the UK were among the reasons its supply will be safe.

The National Grid yesterday warned millions of households could have their electricity cut off for three hours at a time if Britain cannot import enough energy from Europe.

Today a statement by the Netherlands operator said: “Gasunie Transport Services recently analysed that no gas shortages need to occur in the Netherlands if Russian gas in Europe were to be completely eliminated for a year.

“Due to the high filling level of the gas storages (more than 90 percent), the doubling of the  LNG  import capacity via the Eemshaven and Rotterdam, the full utilization of the import connections with the UK and Belgium and the significant demand reduction as a result of the high prices, the preconditions for this scenario are currently met.”

Unlike many European countries Britain, where about 80 percent of homes are heated using gas, has no large-scale gas storage site after Centrica closed the Rough facility in 2017.

The shutdown has left the UK with storage capacity equivalent to about four-to-five days of winter gas demand, down from 15 days previously, and limits its buffer in the event of any supply disruptions.

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