Woman left fuming as hairdresser leaves her looking ‘like she rolled out of bed’

A woman has vowed to start cutting her own hair after she visited the hairdressers ahead of her prom and asked for curls – only to be left looking like she had just rolled out of bed

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TikTok user shocked after leaving hairdressers with ‘simple curls’

A woman was left so disappointed after visiting her hairdresser that she’s vowed to start styling her own hair going forward.

Livvy Chester from Austin, Texas was left fuming after the stylist charged her full price for curling her hair – even though she wasn’t impressed with the final look.

The prom-goer had hoped to achieve some chic beachy waves, but instead, she just looked as if she hadn’t brushed her hair yet.

TikTok user Livvy Chester, @livvydoge shared a video of her final look and vowed to curl her hair herself from now on, rather than waste cash.

Livvy shared a video on TikTok where she showed an image of the hair she wanted, followed by what she walked out with.

Livvy wanted simple beachy curls



But the end result wasn’t exactly what she had expected



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Alongside the image, she wrote: ”What is this?

”I will be doing my own hair from here on out.”

Livvy’s video has now gone viral with over five million views, and her fans and followers rushed to the comment section to share their opinion.

One said: “To be honest, it’s worse than how I wake up.”

Then a second wrote: “I could’ve done that for free.”

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And a third added: “I swear when it comes to important events they forget entirely how to do hair – I’ve had stylists destroy my hair for prom and trials for my wedding.”

Meanwhile, one hairdresser shared a video of the ” worst chemical cut” she’s seen “in a very, very long time ” after treating a customer whose locks had been damaged by bleach.

In a video shared with TikTok, the hairdresser – who goes by the username @thequeenofblondessalon – explained that this was the very first time the client had visited her salon and that she was left “shocked” by the condition of her bleached blonde hair.

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