Auburn QB Bo Nix believes Alabama gets home-cooking from SEC officials

It seems like Auburn Tigers quarterback Bo Nix isn’t thrilled with a perceived disparity in how SEC officials call games involving the Alabama Crimson Tide.

SEC officials have been a hot topic throughout the season. From the blundering mishap in the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ game against the Memphis Tigers to an Arkansas barbecue restaurant banning folks from the SEC office for the foreseeable future, people in the South generally aren’t thrilled with how SEC games are being called.

There’s generally always been suggestions around watercoolers and at sports bars that certain SEC schools receive some favoritism from referees, but now an SEC quarterback is jumping into the mix and saying that his rival’s games are called different than other contests.

In a segment with Next Round Live, Nix said the following:

“Just a few of those obviously controversial calls in that game raises some questions, for sure. I guess unless you’re an Alabama fan. That’s just part of the game. We’ve discussed it over and over and over. That’s not going to change, no matter what happens.”

Nix went on further, saying that “anybody unbiased with think that something is different. It is what it is. It’s kind of how it’s always been.”

The Auburn quarterback did go on to credit Alabama, saying the Crimson Tide has good players. Watch the full segment below:

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix calls out SEC refs for controversial calls

The timing of Nix’s statements sure are interesting.

Obviously, Alabama’s win over Arkansas was a little controversial and Auburn lost due to some pretty weird circumstances. But he’s saying all of this right before Alabama and Auburn play each other in their annual rivalry game, the Iron Bowl.

Whether that’s a coincidence or not, does anyone really care? It’ll make the Iron Bowl a little more interesting this year. Unfortunately, Nix will not play in this game because he suffered a devastating injury against Mississippi State. 

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