How to get custom mob heads in Minecraft Java Edition

There are several different mob heads available in Minecraft. Steve, Enderman, Creeper, Ender Dragon and Wither Skeleton Skulls are available in all versions of vanilla Minecraft.

There are various ways to collect these, but the simplest would be to visit the Creative menu. There are, however, other heads that players can get through non-vanilla methods.

Currently, the only version of Minecraft that supports any of these is the Java Edition. Bedrock players can’t get custom heads yet, unfortunately. Here’s how to get them on Java Edition.

We could be getting custom heads in Minecraft Bedrock Engine soon 😏

Collecting custom mob heads in Minecraft Java Edition

For Java Edition players, they can visit the Minecraft heads to download them. Here’s how to do that.

  • Command blocks have to be enabled on the world or server.
  • An active Internet connection is also necessary.
  • Command blocks are the only way to get these. A command can’t give custom heads. Players will need to be an Operator and using Creative Mode.
  • Players need to be using the correct version of Minecraft to get the custom heads.
  • For solo worlds: Players can press the escape key, enable LAN world, turn the world to Creative and finally, enable cheats on the world.
  • If all else fails, players can try using the /minecraft:give command instead of the regular /give command.
Custom heads can be anything a player wants. Image via Minecraft
Custom heads can be anything a player wants. Image via Minecraft

The command is too long for the chat, so it has to be input into a command block. Here is how to use a command block for custom heads:

  1. Players need to be an Operator. The game needs to be in Creative mode and players can then summon a command block with: “/give @p minecraft:command_block 1”.
  2. Place the command block anywhere in the world.
  3. Open up the interface for the command box.
  4. Input the head command into the box that says “Console Command”.
  5. Power the command block with a button, lever, redstone torch or redstone block.

Anyone else think we need custom heads on Minecraft Xbox one edition?

Players can then get the custom heads they downloaded from the website. They can place them as they would with a normal Steve head or Creeper head.

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