Keep Connect Router Wi-Fi Reset Device, Monitors Connectivity and Resets When Required. No App Necessary. If You Enter a Phone Number it Will Send Texts Upon resets.

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(as of Apr 09,2021 05:05:20 UTC – Details)

STOP UNPLUGGING/RE-PLUGGING YOUR ROUTER/MODEM! KEEP YOUR SMART HOME DEVICES CONNECTED AND AVAILABLE! Keep Connect will monitor your internet connection through your router and modem and it if cannot reach the internet, it will power cycle your router. No app is required to connect Keep Connect. When you plug it in, just connect to its Wifi (SSID is Keep Connect) and a pop-up will appear allowing you to enter your router’s SSID and password. More configuration options are on the configuration page, including the option to enter your phone number and allow Keep Connect to text you after each reset. *Works with 2.4GHz routers. To connect both router and modem use a power strip or similar. ***Newly updated firmware allows scheduling periodic resets to keep your devices fresh and regularly rebooted.

Free Texts from Keep Connect if you choose to enter your phone number

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