Pregnant Florida woman shot dead by motorcyclist she hit with her car

A pregnant Florida woman died after a motorcyclist that she intentionally hit with her car shot her last week, cops said.

Sara Nicole Morales started the road rage incident when she struck Andrew Derr, 40, with her car on purpose while making a turn last week, according to the Orange City Police Department.

Derr, who was not injured in the “minor crash,” asked Morales to stay on the scene while he called police, and pursued her along with other witnesses when she refused, cops said.

Morales drove to her house and went inside before returning with a gun to confront Derr, who was on the phone with police outside the home, according to officials.

The biker then pulled out a legal concealed handgun and shot the woman dead, police said.

Bodycam footage published by WOFL showed that Derr cooperated with responding officers. The incident remained under investigation, according to police.

Sara Morales, who allegedly hit the biker with her car, was fatally shot when she confronted the biker with a gun.
Fox 35 Orlando
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