Tonight is the biggest night in Chris Paul’s storied career

It’s time for Chris Paul to put this series to bed.

It’s time for Chris Paul to put this series to bed.
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Game 6 tonight is the most important game of Chris Paul’s career.

This magical run that’s been put together by Paul and the young Phoenix Suns has been nothing short of remarkable because most people had them losing in the first round to the Lakers.

This is arguably the best team that Paul has ever played with, and this season is the best chance he’s ever had of winning an NBA title. His backcourt mate Devin Booker is a superstar, big man Deandre Ayton is now a max-level player, and they have role players who can make shots. And once you add the fact that everyone and their third cousin is getting hurt in these playoffs, including Paul (shoulder) himself at one point, the field of competitors left make this championship prime for his taking.

This is also what makes it so perplexing that Paul and the Suns came out so flat in Game 5 a few days ago. When you have a team down 3-1, you have to put your foot on their neck to advance, especially a team like the Clippers, who have shown they are one of the most resilient groups in the league.

The overall intensity level, and attention to detail, were lacking from the Suns in a Game 5 at home with the chance to go to the NBA Finals. That’s inexcusable. Everyone around the league knows how quickly a series can turn if you allow a team to stay in it. Now, Paul George is playing on an MVP level, and Marcus Morris has found his rhythm, which means this Game 6 on the road is going to be even harder to win.

And if Paul and the Suns lose Game 6 in L.A. tonight, all the pressure will be on them for a Game 7 in Phoenix. As most people around the sport know, anything can happen in a Game 7, especially when a team has already won two straight going into it.

This is the most important Game of Chris Paul’s career tonight. This is his time to win a championship. The stars are aligning for him. He can’t blow it by giving this Clippers team more confidence who still doesn’t have their best player back.

The time is now for Paul and his Phoenix Suns. 

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