2022 Winter Olympics: Full schedule of events


2022 Winter Olympics: Full schedule of events.

It seems unbelievable but the 2022 Winter Olympics are already here. The fast turnaround from Summer to Winter Olympics has to do with the delay of the last Olympics due to COVID-19.

Since most of us haven’t been following too closely to the line-up, we thought we’d share it for you here.

The entire schedule runs from Feb. 2, 2022, to Feb. 20, 2022. But the opening ceremony doesn’t happen until Feb. 4, 2022.

The Olympics site has an easy-to-read schedule for your favorite sport and shows if the day has competition or awards. Click here to see that chart.

The first two competitions will be luge and curling, with an additional four more sports starting the next day. The first medal ceremony happens on Feb. 5, 2022, with six sports handing out medals and another five sports holding competitions.

There are no days where all sports are active but on Feb. 11, 12, and 13 there are days with 11 or 12 competitions and/or ceremonies.

Here’s a quick guide to see what day your sport starts competing:

  • Alpine Skiing on Feb. 3
  • Biathlon on Feb. 5
  • Bobsleigh on Feb. 10
  • Cross-Country Skiing on Feb. 5
  • Curling on Feb. 2
  • Figure Skating on Feb. 4
  • Freestyle Skiing on Feb. 4
  • Ice Hockey on Feb. 3
  • Luge on Feb. 2
  • Nordic Combined on Feb. 6
  • Short Track Speed Skating on Feb. 5
  • Skeleton on Feb. 7
  • Ski Jumping on Feb. 3
  • Snowboard on Feb. 5
  • Speed Skating on Feb. 5



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