Emotional hug between Ian Happ and Willson Contreras all but confirms Cubs trade rumors


The Chicago Cubs have been the center of trade rumors, some of which have suggested Ian Happ and Willson Contreras will be traded together. Their hug after the Cubs final home game suggested otherwise.

Chicago Cubs players Ian Happ and Willson Contreras have been tied to some of the same teams in trade rumors. However, the two shared a sentimental moment after their last home game before the trade deadline that suggests they’re headed separate ways.

Neither player has ever played for another MLB team in their respective MLB careers.

Trade deadline may mark the first time not playing for the Cubs in Happ’s and Contreras’ careers

Contreras made his MLB debut in 2016 with the Cubs and has had a great career so far. He’s played in three All-Star Games, and over his ongoing career, he’s hit .259/.352/.460 for an OPS of .812.

Happ made his MLB debut just one season later with the Cubs and made his first All-Star Game appearance this season alongside Contreras. Over his career so far, he’s hit .249/.343/.463 for an OPS of .806.

The two are nearly at the end of their contracts, which is likely why the Cubs are open to trading them. Happ is eligible for arbitration next season and then hits free agency eligibility in 2024. Contreras will be eligible for free agency next season.

Contreras, however, seems to hold high respect for the Cubs, regardless of where he may end up.

“If I have to walk away from this team, I’m going to walk away with my head up high. I know that I did everything I could to make this team better from day one when I got called up in 2016. This is hard. This is the only thing that I know.” -Willson Contreras, via ESPN

Happ also shared similar sentiments.

“It was an emotional day for a lot of us. It was two really beautiful days at Wrigley Field that I tried to appreciate just as much, if not more, than any other time I get to step out there,” – Ian Happ, via ESPN.

The two have undoubtedly made a mark on the Cubs franchise, and if they get traded, it’ll be an emotional moment for many.

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