Melvin Gordon’s Twitter activity suggests RB fed up with Broncos


Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon isn’t in a great place with the team currently, and his Twitter activity suggests his feelings.

Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon isn’t in a great place with the team after being benched after halftime on Monday night. He was honest with his feelings, sharing that it “hurt a little” and that he “felt he could’ve made a difference.

His feelings may be a bit deeper than he discussed, however, based on some tweets that he liked.

Graham Tiedtke shared some screenshots of Gordon’s liked Tweets and wrote, “Melvin Gordon’s ‘liked’ tweets are… not ideal.”

Most of the Tweets focus on the idea of Gordon being good enough, not being appreciated enough and hinting that he needs to request a trade. He wasn’t given much of a chance to help the team on Monday, and it’s definitely something that should be addressed.

There are always two sides to a story, and both sides are starting to be known. It’s unclear what will happen with Gordon, but answers are arising.

Melvin Gordon appears to want out of Denver according to Twitter activity

Gordon shared his side of the story, stating he wasn’t sure why he was benched but he was upset by it because he felt as though he could’ve helped the team. Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett shared his side as well and simply stated, “We’re going to have a conversation. . . Melvin didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t. We just didn’t have a lot of plays.”

According to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk, “The Broncos ran 55 offensive plays on Monday while the Chargers had 83, so there were limits to how often any offensive players could get on the field. That said, Gordon being so far behind Murray (27 snaps) and Boone (21 snaps) suggests something more than just a lack of opportunities was involved in the decision.”

Only time will tell what happens with Gordon, but hopefully the air will be cleared between all parties moving forward.

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