Saints fans crashed NFL Shop trying to buy Tyrann Mathieu’s jersey


Tyrann Mathieu is joining the New Orleans Saints, which has apparently excited enough Saints fans to the point of breaking the NFL Shop website.

It sure seems like New Orleans Saints fans are thrilled to have Tyrann Mathieu on their team. After it was announced that Mathieu would be headed to play professional football back in his hometown, Saints fans rewarded his loyalty by going out and buying his jersey en masse.

Apparently, so many Saints fans tried to go out and get Mathieu’s jersey by going through the official NFL Shop website preorder link that they may have unintentionally ended up crashing that site.

In a tweet, Nick Underhill shared a screenshot of a link that apparently stopped working for a little bit.

Working under the assumption that it was only Saints fans responsible for showing up, clicking the link, and then breaking that website, that’s an incredible show of loyalty from them to their hometown hero.

New Orleans Saints fans break NFL Shop website as they try to buy Tyrann Mathieu’s jersey

It’s not every day that some NFL fanbase shows up and breaks the NFL Shop website, but it appears that Saints fans made that happen today. All things considered, that’s a pretty impressive feat.

Of course, it should be noted that getting a player like Mathieu to sign with your favorite NFL team doesn’t just happen every day. This isn’t exactly a common occurrence and it’s made even more special by the fact that he’s from New Orleans. Heck, Mathieu played out his college career for the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge. He’s spent some incredibly important years of his life in Louisiana.

And now he has a chance to play there once more.

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