The Celestiq Is Cadillac’s Most Luxurious EV You Can’t Have


Cadillac Celestiq Luxury sedan EV

After a year of teasers and releasing a few images back in June, GM unveiled its new Cadillac Celestiq ultra-luxury sedan today, and it’s rather stunning. The $300,000 hand-crafted electric vehicle will go into limited production sometime in 2023.

Typically when you see “hand-crafted,” you think of high-end sports cars or luxury vehicles like a Bentley, not Cadillac, but that’s about to change with the shift to EVs.  And while GM still has yet to share any technical details about the Celestiq’s range or performance, we are getting a full view of the interior and exterior.

Cadillac is calling the car its new “all-electric flagship sedan,” but what you see here today is the “show car” variant of what will eventually arrive as a limited-edition model. Essentially, this is a premium prototype, and we could see changes between now and when it officially arrives.

Still, this is one stylish vehicle. From the beautiful curves, the four angular rear LED tail lights, to the edge-to-edge 55-inch display on the inside.

As you can see, Cadillac is going with a hatchback or Fastback style here, which will likely help with aerodynamics and range. Additionally, the Celestiq will be the automaker’s first vehicle to offer Ultra Cruise, GM’s new driver-assist technology. But aside from seeing its good looks, we didn’t learn much else today.

Along with the massive pillar-to-pillar screen on the inside, GM will outfit the Celestiq with four other LED interactive displays. The panoramic “smart glass roof” also features user-customizable transparency options for each occupant, and it’ll offer several other fancy features.

Previous GM confirmed an $81 million investment into a facility in Michigan that will bring the plant up to speed to create the Celestiq, where it’ll build roughly 500 per year. Then, it’ll use that same plant to continue manufacturing other high-end Cadillac EVs.

So, if you have $300,000 and want Cadillac’s first luxurious EV that’s hand-crafted and built with several one-of-a-kind 3D-printed parts, this is the EV for you.

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