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L.A. City Council votes to mandate air conditioning in all rental units


The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday voted to move forward with a plan to have mandatory air conditioning in all rental units in the city.

The council unanimously voted on the plan in an attempt to address increased emergency room visits during heat waves.

The motion would require that landlords or property managers install cooling units in rentals. It also calls on the city attorney and L.A.’s housing department to weigh in on options to amend the existing code to require ample cooling appliances in those properties, as well as possible funding sources.

Many landlords, however, have expressed concerns over the proposal, saying it will be a financial burden and are urging the committee to pursue other options, like broadening access to cooling centers with free transit for renters.

Some landlords feel they may have to sell their properties if the motion passes because they won’t be able to afford new installation.

Wednesday’s vote is just one step in the process to get the motion passed. Councilmembers want other departments to weigh in on options to possibly amend the measure.

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