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Nick Kyrgios Wanted ‘Drunk’ Woman Removed During Wimbledon Final


Nick Kyrgios aggressively insisted that a woman who he said had been distracting him during the Wimbledon final to be removed from the match.

In an exchange with the umpire in the middle of the third set, the Australian said that the person looked like she was about “700 drinks” deep.

It’s not clear if anyone was removed from the stadium at his request.

The umpire asked Kyrgios, “Which one is it?”

He replied, “It’s the one in the dress…the one who looks like she’s had around 700 drinks bro!”

The Wimbledon final featured Kyrgios, who fought for his first major title before falling to now-21-time Grand Slam champion, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic.

Throughout the tournament, Kyrgios has been fined $14,000 after receiving two code violations.

The first one came in the first round where he received a $4,000 fine for an “audible obscenity.”

In his third round against Stefanos Tsitsipas, he received a $10,000 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct after he was given two code violations for instances of ball abuse.

How do tennis penalties work?

When a player receives a penalty, here are the steps umpires take to punish the players:

First offense: Warning

Second offense: Loss of a point

Third (and each subsequent) offense: Loss of a game

After the third offense, the umpire or the tournament director can decide if a player should be disqualified.

What kinds of fines are there in tennis and how common are they?

Here are the types of fines tennis players in Grand Slams received between 1998-2018, according to the New York Times.

Fine Men Women
Racket Abuse  646 99
Audible Obscenity 344 140
Unsportsmanlike Conduct 287 67
Coaching  87 152
Ball Abuse 49 35
Verbal Abuse 62 16
Visible Obscenity  20 11
No Press 6 10
Time Violations 7 3
Best Effort 2 0
Default 2 0
Doubles Attire 2 1
Late for Match  1 1
First-Round Retirement 2 0
Totals 1517 535

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