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Women go wild for ‘thirst trap’ Ukrainian President Zelensky on TikTok


He’s the smoking-hot macho head honcho

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is transitioning from unsung European commander-in-chief to universal sex symbol in the wake of his unrelenting defense of Ukraine against Russian forces. 

And unabashed admirers are shamelessly lusting over the 5-foot-7, newly anointed heartthrob online. 

“It’s not the time or place to have a crush on President Zelensky,” admitted TikTok user Stephanie Martin in a trending clip dedicated to her unbridled attraction to the married 44-year-old head of state. 

“Buuuuut…,” she continued in the video entitled “The heart wants what it wants,” which has amassed more than 694,000 views. 

Women are swooning over Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky amid war threats from Russia.
Fans are calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “daddy,” “so hot” and much more.
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And Martin’s zeal for Zelensky is wildly echoing throughout hyper-sexual cyberspace. 

“Y’all, I got one thing to say. President Zelensky — daddy,” gushed a groupie on TikTok. “All these little boys out here like, ‘Call me daddy!’ Um, no. Prove it. President Zelensky? Daddy.” 

Other digital disciples deemed the Ukrainian controller “so hot,” and even called for musclebound “Hawkeye” hunk-actor Jeremy Renner, 51, to portray Zelensky in an upcoming feature film

The president’s fiery physicality aside, cyber sweethearts are also swooning over the fact that Zelensky — who, prior to becoming a national ruler, worked as an actor and comedian — lent his soothing baritone to the world-famous, marmalade-loving Paddington Bear for the Ukrainian productions of the animated movies “Paddington” and “Paddington 2.”

“I am going to have to say what every girl is thinking: Zelensky is really hot,” chimed in a fan on Twitter. “The fact Zelensky did the voice-over for Paddington is the icing on the cake. I adore that movie! It is simply the best movie ever. I love Paddington Bear.”

“I just found out that Zelensky was the voice for Ukrainian paddington bear,” tweeted another devotee. “And I’m in love with that man for sure now.”

Zelensky’s good looks and good nature notwithstanding, disenchanted party poopers cautioned their starry-eyed counterparts against falling in love with men in power. And the vigilantes pointed to ill-fated viral crushes on politicians, like the 2020 “Cuomosexual” craze over since-sullied New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which ended in sexual misconduct hellfire. 

“I am quite simply begging you all to stop sexualizing politicians, you can admire the things they accomplish without going weirdo mode about it, did Cu*mosexuals teach us NOTHING,” argued verified Twitter user Tyler McCall amid a flurry of thirsty Zelensky tweets. 

“Why do liberals only understand the news through the lens of wanting to be f–ked by whatever man they think has good guy vibes,” spat another naysayer of the trend. “Did you all not learn a lesson after being Cuomosexuals?”

And others simply issued a gentle, albeit clear-cut reminder that Zelensky is a happily espoused man, whose marriage is undoubtedly enduring unprecedented pressures as his country remains under siege.     

“President Volodymyr Zelensky is married,” noted a scolding Texan TikToker. “First Lady Olena Zelenska is a screenwriter, they have two children together and they’ve been married for 19 years.”

She closed the clip saying, “I would encourage everyone to respect their marriage and their children in what I can only assume is one of the worst points in their marriage. I’m especially talking about all the naughty videos. Y’all, I know [he’s] beautiful but mind your manners.”

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