10 Things You Didn’t Know About Malachite Gemstones

Malachite stones are powerful, rare, beautiful, and upmarket gemstones. In this article, you’ll get to know a thing or two about this powerful gemstone. Without further ado, here are some interesting things you didn’t know about malachite gemstones. 

1. It Was Used To Produce Copper

Did you know that malachite was traditionally used to produce copper metal? Malachite is a mineral that naturally forms above copper deposits. It’s a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral found in limestone and other minerals like calcite and Azurite.

2. The Highest Quality Malachite Gemstone Is From Africa

The main source of malachite stones today is Africa. Historically it came from the Ural Mountains and Israel, but those supplies have been depleted. Currently, the biggest supplier of malachite is the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, some small quantities are still found in Australia, France, and the USA.

3. Malachite Has A Peacock’s Eye 

Malachite stones have some special rings, which are commonly called the peacock’s eye. These are some of the factors that determine the value of the gemstone. So, the more peacock eyes visible, the higher the quality of the gemstone. Also, the bigger the gemstone, the higher its value because it’ll typically have more visible rings. To determine the authenticity of a gemstone, you could look out for the peacock’s eyes.

4. It’s Over 4000 Years Old

Did you know that malachite was ground and used as eyeshadow by some ancient Egyptians and Israelites over 4000 years ago? It’s been said that they also used malachite to produce sculptures, gemstones, and pigments in the Middle East throughout the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. Some archaeological studies have reported malachite remains in some green paints discovered at ancient sites.

5. Malachite Is Expensive Because It’s Scarce  

One of the main reasons malachite can be expensive is that it’s only found in specific regions. The supply of malachite is rather limited, which increases its value globally. Most malachite is mined from malachite clusters in deep caves, which makes it complicated to extract. It’s more difficult to find malachite natural reserves of large clusters, making large mining gemstones rare and much more expensive. 

6. The Most Famous Malachite Is At The Winter Palace

Did you know that the most famous malachite is in St Petersburg at the Winter Palace? Actually, it’s not a gemstone but it’s a part of the decorations in the palace. It’s said that Empress Alexandra Feodorovna decorated a room known as the Malachite room around 1830. The room is filled with opulent malachite vases, fireplace panels made of malachite, and some ornamental malachite columns.

7. Malachite Is Believed To Have Healing Properties

For many centuries malachite has been believed to have some healing powers. It’s been affectionately called a healer of broken bones, a guardian of the heart, and a negative energy protector. 

Most alchemists and healers favored malachite as they believed it had the power to heal broken bones and muscle disorders. Some believed it could also help reduce blood pressure. And to add to its healing powers was the belief that malachite could prevent negative energies from haunting people. 

8. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Has Malachite

If you’ve ever followed the world of soccer, then you know what the World Cup is all about. What you may not know is that the World Cup trophy has some malachite in it. Although the gold structures appear prominent in the trophy, its base is made from green rings of malachite. 

9. It Has Spiritual Powers

Spiritually, malachite is known as the stone of transformation. This gemstone is believed to have some spiritual properties that give protection to whoever wears it. It’s said that malachite also gives wisdom and opens up a clear path of positive energy and self-improvement. In the olden days, people carried malachites to protect themselves from wicked eyes and witchcraft.

10. The Name Originates From Greece

The word malachite is believed to have originated from the Greek “malakos” which means soft while its name was derived from the Greek word “malache” which means mallow. The stone is said to have been given this name because of its resemblance to the Mallow plant leaves.

In Sum

Malachite is a mineral that’s part of the monolithic crystal system. It’s a green copper carbonate mineral with a silky luster. Malachite is often used as copper ore, but many other factors make it an amazing gemstone. These include its rarity, perceived healing properties, and its natural beauty. If you didn’t have this gem in your jewelry box, maybe you should. 

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