How to choose the best CFD trading platform

When trading contracts for difference (CFDs), there are many different things you need to take into account.

Every aspect of your trading journey contributes towards your chances for profit, so it’s essential you address each one with the utmost consideration.

Among these different components, one of the most crucial is the CFD trading platform you choose.

Your chosen CFD trading platform will act as the core of your entire trading experience, being the place where you’ll assess, execute, and manage every single trade.

Therefore, it’s undeniable that finding the best CFD trading platform is pivotal to your overall trading success.

But how do you determine which platform is right for you?

Read on, and discover how to find the best trading platform for your CFD journey.

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Risk management

Risk management tools are one of the most vital things to use on a CFD trading platform.

Managing risk is essential to creating the most profitable trading experience, without amounting any severe losses.

It’s almost impossible to completely remove the chances of loss from your trading journey, but you can significantly limit the impact of these losses with risk management tools.

The best trading platform will have the widest variety of effective risk management tools, to help you better manage every trade.

For instance, this could include the use of automatic orders.

This tool allows you to set a specific value on a trade, which, should the price drop below this, will automatically close the position to prevent any further losses.

The automatic orders will allow you to maintain optimal control over each trade and any losses you may start incurring, will be prevented from reaching detrimental amounts.

Apply tools like this to every trade on your platform, and you can begin to create a more overall profitable trading journey.

Various financial instruments

A crucial thing for a CFD trading platform to offer, is a wide range of different financial instruments and global markets for you to trade in.

Diversifying your portfolio comes with its own range of benefits, including a lowered level of risk across your trades, and more opportunity to profit from the different performances of each market.

A great CFD trading platform will provide access to markets such as the foreign exchange (forex), stock, indices, and commodities.

If your analysis is showing you a potentially profitable movement likely to happen in a certain market, you’ll have the right platform to help you execute this trade, instead of being restricted from this particular market.

Trading with leverage

Leverage trading is also a benefit of a CFD trading platform, as when used correctly, it can increase your chances of profit.

Leverage trading allows you greater exposure to a market, with a significantly lower initial deposit of capital (a margin).

The amount of leverage you gain will be established by the leverage ratio.

For example, if the leverage ratio was 1:20, you could deposit a margin of £1,000, and open a CFD position of up to £20,000 on an asset.

With a smaller deposit of capital, a successful trade will result in significant profit, as it will be calculated against your leverage amount.

However, your losses will also be calculated against your leverage amount – e.g., the above example would mean your losses are calculated against the £20,000, not the £1,000.

Therefore, with professional caution and strategy, leverage trading on your CFD platform can be highly beneficial to your portfolio.


The right CFD trading platform is key to a successful trading experience, so be sure to use the knowledge you’ve learned here to search more accurately for and choose the best platform.

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