Complete Buyer’s Guide to Buy The Best Inverter Battery For Home

In today’s technologically advanced times, everything comes to a standstill when a power cut occurs. This is because almost all applications require electricity to function. The solution to combat this standstill scenario is with the help of an inverter. An inverter will provide power backup when there is no flow of electricity, allowing you to carry on with your life. An integral part of an inverter is the battery. It is equally important to an inverter as petrol is to a vehicle. Thus, you must choose the perfect battery to accompany that perfect inverter. 

You must focus on certain critical aspects that will help you decide to purchase the best inverter battery for home. This guide will help you understand those aspects, which will help in determining the best inverter battery for home. Before that, let’s understand how a battery and an inverter work together.

Batteries contain energy that is released in the form of direct current (DC). However, appliances at home require alternating current (AC) to function. Here is where inverters enter the picture. Inverters have the capability to convert energy from one form into another. So, a battery plugs into an inverter and supplies the DC. The inverter then converts the DC into AC and further supplies to the connected appliances. This happens in the matter of microseconds, which helps in uninterrupted power transitions during power cuts. 

Guide to Buying the Best Inverter Battery for Home

  • Understand Your Requirement

Before purchasing the best inverter battery for home, you need to gauge your requirements. Consult an electrician to understand the power requirement. This also depends on the number of appliances that you want running during power cuts. The next step is to ascertain the duration of the backup needed. The backup hours requirement is determined by the duration of the power cuts in your locality. These factors will help in ascertaining the capacity requirement of the battery. 

In fact, you can calculate the capacity required with a simple formula:

Battery capacity= (power requirements in watts * backup-time * aging factor) / (battery voltage*battery efficiency*inverter efficiency)

Below numbers can be used as constant for ease of calculation

Constant variables (These numbers are constant for every case)

Inverter aging factor = 1.25

Battery efficiency = 0.8

Inverter efficiency = 0.8

  • Build Quality of the Battery

This aspect is often ignored and underestimated when buying the best inverter battery for home. In case you purchase a battery that is made of poor quality materials, the inverter battery will not last for more than 1-2 years. 

On the other hand, if the battery is made of high-quality materials such as spine alloy, the battery will have a lengthy lifespan. This is because such materials are oxidation and corrosion resistant and robust. 

  • Selecting the Right Type of Battery

There are three types of inverter battery, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Flat plate batteries are economical and do not take up much space. However, they cannot run for long hours, require recurring maintenance, and have a short span of 3-4 years.

Gel batteries are more expensive as compared to flat plate batteries since they do not require any form of maintenance and are environment-friendly. However, like flat plate batteries, they also have a shorter lifecycle.

Tubular batteries employ the latest technologies that allow them to run for long hours. They require little maintenance, are extremely reliable and efficient, and need a short time to charge. These batteries are more expensive when compared to both flat plate and gel batteries.

Ultimately, your requirements will help in determining the battery that is suitable for you.

Shortlist and Buy Branded Inverter Batteries for Home

The guide to buying the best inverter battery for home would be incomplete without the advice of purchasing only branded batteries. Opting for a local battery can result in poor performance, explosions, and harmful leakage. Conversely, if you select a battery from dependable brands like Luminous, you are guaranteed good customer service, excellent quality products, and lengthy warranties. Thus, it is imperative to buy a branded battery. 

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