How to Hide and Unhide Sheet Tabs in Google Sheets


When you have a workbook with many sheets, it can feel tedious to scroll between them. In Google Sheets, you can hide your sheet tabs to see only those you need. Then, unhide them when the time comes to view them again.

Hiding sheet tabs in Google Sheets is handy when you need to move from one sheet to another but those sheets are on the furthest opposite sides of the tab row. You may not want to rearrange the order of the tabs so that they’re closer together and would rather only see those you need.

Here’s how to hide one or more spreadsheets and then unhide them later.

Hide a Single Sheet

To hide just one sheet, either right-click the tab or click the arrow in the tab to the right of the sheet name. Then, pick “Hide Sheet.”

Hide Sheet in the tab menu

The first time you hide a sheet tab after opening your workbook, you’ll see a brief confirmation message in the bottom right corner of Google Sheets.

Hidden sheet message in Google Sheets

Hide Multiple Sheets at Once

In 2021, Google implemented a new feature in Sheets allowing you to select multiple tabs. This makes it convenient to move, copy, or delete several sheets at once. With that comes the ability to hide multiple sheet tabs.

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Select the sheet tabs you want to hide one of these ways:

  • For non-adjacent tabs on Windows, hold Ctrl as you select each one. 
  • For non-adjacent tabs on Mac, hold Command as you select each one. 
  • For adjacent tabs on either platform, select the first tab, hold Shift, and click the last tab.

When you have multiple sheet tabs selected, they appear white while non-selected tabs remain gray. Right-click or use the tab arrow for one of the tabs in the group and pick “Hide Sheets.”

Hide selected sheets

Unhide Sheets

Whether you hide one or more sheets, you unhide them the same way. Go to the View tab and you’ll see an option for Hidden Sheets along with the number of sheets hidden. Use the pop-out menu to select the sheet(s) you want to unhide.

Hidden sheets in the View menu

When you unhide a sheet, you’ll see it appear in the same spot in the tab row as before you hid it.

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Instead of working on one sheet, using an arrow or shortcut to scroll and work on the next one, and then go back again, just hide the sheet tabs you don’t need in Google Sheets.

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